Elite Learning Center (ELC) is an educational organization dedicated to providing academic enrichment programs and a summer camp with the goals of fostering positive character and leadership skills in young people, so that their full potential can be achieved and they will be better able to adapt themselves to this very competitive and challenging society. ELC is the smart choice for students who want to do better. We offer customized curricula, personalized attention and a wide variety of enrichment services.


The ELC mission is to provide students with a challenging curriculum designed to develop their intellectual powers; help them excel in their academic endeavors; build their confidence and offer them the opportunity to learn and play in a diverse school community.

While we strive to challenge every child, nurture their intellectual abilities and to help each achieve his or her full potential, we also emphasize children's personal development. Most important, we hope the critical thinking methods and skills they learn at ELC will benefit their learning throughout their lives.


We select teachers with great care based on their dedication, knowledge and experience. Beyond that, they must have a passion for teaching, and most important, a love of working with young children. We have built an outstanding teaching team with the highest standards. They share a love of teaching and a commitment to support, encourage and educate every student. To ensure the quality of education, ELC only hires certified teachers from local primary and secondary schools. This means they have an understanding of the local schools' curricula and can better link the lessons taught at ELC with what's being taught in school.


We accept students from 1st through 8th grades. Courses offered include: NNAT Test Prep, CogAT Test Prep, TJ Test Prep and a variety of levels of writing, critical reading, vocabulary, math, and math competition workshops. ELC programs are designed for students at all levels with the commitment to improve their knowledge, to provide all necessary educational help, to develop their talents and to meet the need of the individual student.

Although we interact with many students, each one means everything to his or her family, so we treat each one like they are our own. When parents and students choose ELC, we do not want to let them down. We strive to earn your trust.

No discrimination policy