Summer Camp Courses - Grade 1-2


For first grade in this course, students will learn to read independently and develop the skills and confidence that make first grade a big success. The goal of this class is to help your child excite about learning to read, and ready to get off to a great start in school. The class for grade 1 will focus on:

  • Learn phonics
  • Learn sight words
  • Learn to read independently
  • Develop a love of books and reading

For second grade in this course, students will become fluent independent readers. The goal of this class is to help your child improve the reading skills and confidence. The class for grade 2 will focus on:

  • Learn phonics & word-attack skills
  • Develop fluency
  • Build comprehension
  • Become a fluent independent reader

Our reading class is uniquely designed to improve students' reading skills. Each two-week session focuses on a different theme. At the end of the session, students will be more confident with their reading and enjoy reading more.

Critical Thinking

This class is designed for grade 1 & 2 students to develop basic critical thinking principles. The teacher will introduce children to some of the most basic concepts in critical thinking, making these concepts accessible to them through simplified language. It will stimulate thinking and encourage better logical and deductive reasoning skills for students by using worksheets and exercises in the classroom. This course is an important part of GT prep.

Show and Tell

This class focuses on presentation and interactive activities. Each student will show and tell about his/her toy, book or some other object they want to present to class. The teacher will do "Show and Tell" demonstrations first to set up a model. This class provides opportunities for young children to speak in front of a group and freely express their thinking and opinions.

Story Telling

This class is designed to train students in the traditional story telling routines, as well as strengthen their listening ability. The teachers will help students get into "focus" mood to prepare them for the questions that follow each story telling session. In the GT test, all CogAT questions are read to students by teachers, therefore, students' focus and listening ability are critical in order for them to be ready for the GT exam.

Listening and focusing are very important in school learning environment. This training is essential for rising first graders to ensure their successful start in the fall as they begin a new chapter in their live.

Story Illustration

This class will help nurture kids' imagination and develop kids' interest in writing. Story Illustration is a fun and creative class. In this class students will choose age appropriate and interesting stories to illustrate. Their understanding of the story, their imagination beyond the story and their personal touch of the story will be all demonstrated in their drawing. This class can be tailored to meet individual needs. Advanced learners can predict different endings or add more details via illustration.

Paper Folding

The Origami workshop is designed to help first and second graders learn the ancient art of paper folding. The precise directions and exact folds required in Origami strengthen cognitive abilities, lead to increased fine-motor skills, expand awareness of their place in space, and contribute to an understanding of symmetry, all of which are vital to the development of intuitive thought. While they have fun making "critters" and other objects, they are enhancing their imagination, creativity, and the fine-motor skills required for learning in the more structured school environment. These skills will also be a plus in the Symmetry sections of the GT exam.

In addition, self esteem will blossom when students bring the small animals, flowers, boxes, and other remembrances of their day at camp to the home at the end of the day.


This class will be led by a teacher who has a bachelor degree in Music. The teacher will introduce basic knowledge about singing such as breathing, resonance in sound application, and techniques required for a melodious chorus. Students will practice basic breathing and some chorus techniques. At the end of the session, students will give a performance. Parents will be invited to join the kids. This is a fun class for all kids with or without an attractive singing voice. Singing itself is an excellent exercise for self expression, improving one's appreciation of music, :increasing volume" in speech, and building positive character traits.

Physical Education

PE class will be led by a teacher in the school Gym. This class provides a wide variety of elementary physical education games, including cooperative games and activities, sports games, lead up activities, and more. The kids will be organized to play games together that will enhance communication and team-building skills, involve gross and fine motor skills, and recognize the need that kids should have a chance to run, jump, and laugh. The goal of PE is for everyone to have more active and fun.