Summer Camp Courses - Grade 5-6


The Math course will focus on basic math concepts and problem solving skills. Dr. Li's math materials will be used as supplements for the class and home practices. By the end of this course, students will be able to master the concepts and skills to solve challenging problems. This course will help students improve their math skills in the following aspects efficiently and effectively.

Speed Math: To improve student calculating and numbering skills, Speed Math is designed to teach students how to process the four basic methods of arithmetic operations quickly and accurately. The valuable resource will ensure that students can proceed to understand more difficult mathematical concepts after they have mastered the basic mathematical facts. The teacher gives timed practice tests at varying levels of difficulty on: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division fractions, decimals and percents.

Word Problem: To help students handle complex word problems and develop critical thinking process, the teacher will demonstrate problem-solving strategies systematically. The student will learn a set of good habits of mind and acquire a set of thinking skills and problem solving heuristics. The non-routine problems will hone their creative and critical thinking skills to enable them to build confidence in solving visualization and application-based problems in mathematics.

Challenge Math: To motivate students in studying mathematics, the teacher will provide challenges to students at different levels - from average math student to gifted math talents (one who competes in mathematical contests). The teacher will provoke student desiring to explore and solve novelty and interesting math problems.


The writing class is designed to facilitate students in their pursuit of excellence in their writing. This class will expose students to quality written work by distinguished authors, and assist them in writing fiction and nonfiction including short stories, essays, poems, and speeches. Daily writing includes teaching appropriate word usage, incorporating "color" (metaphors, similes, analogies) in their writing, extending written vocabulary, using correct grammar, and other topics deemed necessary based on initial assessments. Students are encouraged to write, edit, and revise self-selected topics as well as writing to teacher-directed prompts. This class also covers applied language arts such as oral presentations, reading, and spelling.

Grades 5-6 will focus on developing a more sophisticated sense of characters, settings, and plot development in fiction and creative non-fiction. There will be opportunities for creative expression in other genres such as poetry, short plays, and journal writing. They will also learn how to write expository, persuasive, and narrative essays.

This class will help students dispel their fear of writing and foster an interest in writing. Students will work with the teacher and their peers as they discover the fun in the writing process. Drama and speech classes are associated and integrated into the writing class through the use of previously published work and their own work in these areas. At the conclusion of each session, student writings will be selected for publication in a class newsletter.


This course for all fifth & sixth grade students reinforces the development of strategic reading behaviors. This course emphasizes an interactive approach in which students construct meaning from text. The course focuses on students utilizing vocabulary, logic thinking, and strategies to become independent readers and learners. The student should be able to use reading strategies to improve comprehension

  • Compare/contrast
  • Summarize
  • Distinguish between the main idea and detail
  • Self question
  • Create mental images
  • Use text structure and format

Our reading class is uniquely designed to improve students' reading comprehension skills. The class is taught by a certificated & experienced teacher. In each session, in addition to exposing students to a variety of reading subjects, we focus on improving kids' in-depth reading comprehension skills. At the end of the session, students will be more confident with their reading.  They should write a well organized essay with a clear idea and adequate support, use a variety of technology to communicate ideas effectively. It makes substantial gains in comprehension, and study more effectively.


This class is designed to help students to get ready for the debate class offered at the middle school level. The class focuses on presentation and interactive activities, and helps students enhance their knowledge in a specific area of speech by selecting or writing speeches for presentation before their peers. Students will gain solid knowledge about formal speech and debating skills. The goal is to build positive character and self-confidence skills. Students will benefit from having opportunity of speaking in front of an audience.

Physical Education

PE class will be led by a teacher in the school Gym. This class provides a wide variety of elementary physical education games, including cooperative games and activities, sports games, lead up activities, and more. The kids will be organized to play games together that will enhance communication and team-building skills, involve gross and fine motor skills, and recognize the need that kids should have a chance to run, jump, and laugh. The goal of PE is for everyone to have more active and fun.